Meet Our Staff

Abbey Carroll, LPCMH Licensed Therapist

Child - Lifespan Therapist
“A good counselor makes you feel less alone in your struggles. When you’re depressed, traveling, having relationship problems, frustrated at work, or feeling anxious – They make you know the issues are out there and others have experienced them too. A good counselor can understand that pain and be with you as you go through it.” This quote has been an inspiration for my style of therapy. I wear many hats: mother, wife, therapist, daughter, sister, friend.  I decided to pursue mental health counseling due to my own personal challenges and struggles.  I feel called to be a supporter and mentor others to be their best selves and pursue their own personal purpose.
I have been working in the mental health sector for six years, exploring different aspects and environments to provide unique therapy to help support each of my client’s needs. I graduated from Liberty University with my bachelor’s in psychology in 2018 and completed my Masters in Clinical Mental Health in 2021.  I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist and a certified Christian Counselor.  I feel that spiritual development is based on the client’s belief system, not mine.  I have worked in many specialty therapy areas, including childhood development, child and adolescent therapy, women’s therapy, couples counseling, sexual addiction, trauma therapy, art therapy, and exposure therapy.  I am an LGBTQ supporter and have experience counseling to this group’s specific needs and challenges.  I assess each client (or couple) individually and create a therapeutic environment to develop trust and security first.  Once trust is earned, each client can be supported uniquely based on their self-understanding stage in the therapeutic environment.  The modalities that I utilize are cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy, and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy.