Meet Our Staff

Ben Walls, LACMH Associate Licensed Therapist

Child - Lifespan Music Therapist
I am a licensed associate mental health counselor, and board-certified music therapist specializing in interpersonal relationships and issues relating to self-control. I believe that there are an infinite number of ways to achieve lasting positive changes in therapy. I understand that many people come to therapy apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. Setbacks and pitfalls happen along anyone's journey to wellness, and those do not have to be the end! We can create clear, reachable mental health goals together with an open mind and a little creativity. 
Seeking professional help can be a big step, and I want to make it a process that you feel comfortable with and in control of. My background in evidence-based music therapy gives me a unique perspective on mental health and what is achievable in therapy, simultaneously approaching mental health physically, mentally, and neurologically. As a music therapist, I believe in the wide-ranging benefits of the creative arts for one's well-being and how they can benefit anyone's journey to wellness.