Meet Our Staff

Dr. Eric Johnson, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Owner/Clinical Director/Adolescent - Lifespan

In 2018, I founded Compass Mental Wellness Services and introduce a new level of mental health care to Sussex County in 2020. Research of psychotherapy outcomes demonstrates approximately 60% positive outcomes overall. With the addition of any complexity to an individual case, the likelihood of positive outcomes decreases even further. Along with my staff, I strive to build a model of psychotherapy that can be utilized with any therapeutic technique but employs neuropsychological principles to enhance treatment by working with the brain instead of against it. I also utilize cutting-edge neurophysiological treatment techniques to enhance treatment and increase the prevalence of positive outcomes. 


I have experience treating adults in various settings, including forensics, addictions, and traditional outpatient mental health. I am a trained cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT) and utilize other psychotherapy techniques to meet the individual needs of my patients. I am a Marine Corps veteran and strive to provide the best practices tailored to the needs of our veterans and first responders. 


I am also proficient in the application of prolonged exposure therapy (PET) for PTSD and exposure therapy/ritual prevention for OCD. I serve as an adjunct professor for Wilmington University in both the psychology department and the doctoral program for social science in prevention science. I have multiple publications in the area of risk assessment of youth violence.